3 Reasons To Consider Pursuing Medical Malpractice

10 February 2020
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Deciding to pursue a medical malpractice suit can be a tough call. The emotional damage you and your family have suffered can be a very traumatic thing that leaves you feeling drained. Getting an attorney is something you should definitely consider if you or a family member were hurt or even died due to the mistakes of a medical provider. A wrongful death lawyer or personal injury attorney can be an advocate for you and do all the footwork for you so you can focus on healing. Read More 

The 3 Basic Types Of Auto Accident Claims

6 February 2020
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When filing an auto accident claim, the type of claim you're able to file will make a major difference in how it is handled. Likewise, it will dictate how much compensation you may be able to recover, and that determines where it may be worth it to hire an automobile injury attorney to represent your interests. Here are the three ways auto accident cases are generally dealt with. Property Damage Read More 

The “List” Of Social Security Disabilities And Why Your Disability On The List Was Denied

5 February 2020
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Disability attorneys are always advertising that they can help you. And they can — if you meet certain requirements. The biggest requirement, of course, is that you have one of thousands of disabling conditions on the Social Security Administration's "list." This master list has everything from fibromyalgia, lupus, and muscular dystrophy, to all forms of cancer, and all major mental illnesses. However, having one or more of the official diagnoses on the list is not enough for automatic approval for Social Security Disability benefits. Read More 

Drugs That Harm And Being Compensated

3 February 2020
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When you or a family member rely on a prescription drug, it can be devastating when things go wrong. The drug manufacturers profit handsomely and most consumers expect them to go above and beyond to ensure that the drugs they sell are safe and effective. In almost all cases, the medications you and your family consume do the job and are safe as long as you follow your doctor's instructions. Unfortunately, time and time, the news covers stories on drugs that should never have been sent to the pharmacy and sold to consumers. Read More 

When A Personal Injury Is Intentional

30 January 2020
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Civil law provides a number of ways for those harmed to be financially compensated. The broad category of personal injury law can be broken down into a number of areas. It's safe to say, though, that the vast majority of personal injury cases are the result of an accidental harming. Careless drivers can cause untold injuries and damages to victims, but the driver probably did not intend to harm anyone. Another category of personal injury law, however, addresses something known as an intentional tort. Read More