Facing Both Criminal And Civil Trials After An Accident? Why You Need 2 Lawyers

24 April 2023
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Anyone accused of being at fault for an auto accident should have a good lawyer to help protect their interests. But if you face both criminal and civil trials, should you just rely on your criminal defense lawyer? The answer is often no, and here are three reasons why.   1. Your Attorney Should Focus Criminal charges related to an auto accident are a serious matter, and you want your defense attorney to focus on defending you to their best ability. Read More 

Liability For Burn Injuries Caused By A Space Heater Fire

7 March 2023
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Homeowners often use space heaters to give them more control over the heating of their homes. But space heaters can be dangerous when they overheat. They're especially likely to cause fires when they tilt over. If your home has recently caught fire due to a defective space heater, you might be entitled to compensation for your sustained burn injuries. Space Heaters are Dangerous A space heater is a portable heater powered by electricity that you can place anywhere. Read More 

Issues That You Should Leave In The Hands Of An Attorney When Seeking Payments For Injuries Suffered At Work

19 January 2023
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Some injuries suffered while performing job tasks might not be serious, and seeking compensation for losses incurred may, therefore, be less complicated. In such cases, hiring a lawyer to assist you in pursuing payments might not always be necessary. However, getting legal representation may be essential if you suffer severe injuries or are dealing with more complex issues. For example, it is recommended that you enlist the services of an attorney to represent you if you're in the following situations: Read More