Injured By A Defective Product? How To Navigate The Claims Process

22 January 2020
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When you purchase a product, you don't expect to suffer injuries as a result of that purchase. Unfortunately, injuries associated with faulty merchandise occur more often than you might think. However, you can receive compensation for injuries resulting from the use of defective products. If you've been injured by a defective product, here is some information that will help you through the claims process. 

Understand the Three Categories For Liability

If you've been injured by a defective product, make sure you understand the three categories for liability. Product liability claims aren't as cut and dry as you'd hope them to be. There are several different types of defects that can create the need for a product liability claim. Those include design, manufacturing, and marketing defects. 


Design defects include production and design flaws that make a device unsafe for use. In some cases, the original design may have been safe; however, adjustments to those designs may undermine the integrity of the product, leading to the defect. 


With manufacturing flaws, the defects occur during the actual production of the product. These types of defects can include the use of improper or defective materials or human errors during production. 


Finally, marketing defects can also cause injuries to consumers. Marketing defects become a problem when manufacturers fail to alert consumers to potential risks associated with the use of certain products. 

Pay Attention to the Statute of Limitations

If you've been injured by a product you've purchased, pay attention to the statute of limitations. Waiting too long to receive medical attention or to file a claim can interfere with your ability to receive compensation for your injuries. In fact, if you wait too long, you may not be able to file a product liability claim at all. 

Notify the Manufacturer

If you plan to file a product liability claim against the manufacturer of the defective product, you need to notify them as soon as possible. You can either notify them via phone call or through the mail. However, to ensure they receive notification — and that you have proof of notification — send a certified letter to the manufacturer. That way, they can't say that they were blindsided by your liability claim. 

Obtain Legal Advice

Finally, if you've been injured by a defective product that you purchased, sit down with a product claims attorney at a firm like Labine Law Firm in your area. Product liability claims can be difficult to navigate through, especially when you're trying to do the navigating on your own. A product claims attorney will help you avoid costly mistakes.