Why You May Want To File A Lawsuit For A Car Accident With A Commercial Vehicle

28 January 2020
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All drivers have a responsibility to be vigilant about safe driving. Commercial drivers really have a big responsibility because of all that is at stake if they don't drive safely. They represent a company and getting so much as a parking ticket could put their jobs at risk. The public as well as those who license professional drivers expect them to take extra precautions when operating large commercial trucks and other vehicles. If you are in an accident involving a commercial truck of some kind and suffered major injuries, you may have a responsibility and a need to hold anyone involved liable. That may mean filing a lawsuit.

A Lawsuit Protects Your Interests Against a Company and Their Insurer

Many people in car accidents assume that insurance companies will live up to those obligations they make to those who hold policies with them. If you've been hurt by a negligent commercial truck driver, it is very likely that the insurance company involved with try and settle the claim quickly and as cheaply as possible. Many insurance companies will not only seek to protect their interests but those of large companies they insure. If they can settle a case for much less than what is fair, they can keep costs down for their client that's involved. Commercial vehicle wreck attorneys can outline your case in a civil complaint and the damages you've received, which will give you significant leverage in negotiations.

Lawsuits Hold Reckless Drivers Accountable

Because of the fact that professional drivers are held to a higher standard than other drivers, it's important that they are held accountable when they make negligent mistakes. There are instances where a commercial truck driver may try and shift blame to you for the accident or seek to otherwise hide their reckless driving in order to avoid the loss of a job or criminal charges. If it isn't obvious to the police who was to blame for the accident and no criminal charges are brought, a civil lawsuit can give you the power to try your case and get damages. In some instances, through the discovery process of a lawsuit, the criminal nature of an accident and supporting evidence can come to light. When that's the case, many prosecutors will then bring formal charges.

Lawsuits Often Bring Company Policy Changes

Some companies will cut corners when it comes to training their drivers. In some instances, when commercial drivers are delivering products, it will be encouraged to do so as quickly as possible. Drivers of big trucks often don't get enough sleep in order to deliver goods in time and get certain bonuses. These incentives may be good for the drivers, but they can also lead to reckless behaviors. Filing a lawsuit, especially if there have been others similar to yours, may lead to a company changing driver policies. It may change a company's approach to how they motivate drivers and help them be safer on the road. That's a good thing.

Hiring a good legal team can help you protect your interests and potentially protect future drivers. It's not always fun getting involved in litigation, but sometimes it's necessary to make sure that commercial drivers are held accountable and that victims are properly compensated for the damages they receive from accidents involving negligent behavior.

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