Slip And Fall Attorney: Finding Fault And Documenting Damages

28 July 2020
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Some of the most life-altering accidents might not seem life-changing when they happen. This can certainly be true of slip and fall injuries. Fortunately, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you seek damages for injuries that might impact your life now and far into the future.

Finding Fault

Slip and fall accidents often happen so quickly that it can be hard to pin down the liable culprit for the accident. Most slip and fall attorneys begin the litigation process by gathering facts and establishing clear liability for the accident.


One of the main tactics used by businesses facing potential slip and fall litigation is to deny access to evidence like security video and employee statements. By restricting access to evidence, they hope that slip and fall victims will take small settlements to permanently settle cases. Experienced slip and fall attorneys, however, won't be intimidated by theses scare tactics. In response to evasive legal maneuvering, your slip and fall attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf and demand legal disclose of evidence related to your accident. Moving for disclosure legally compels a business to turn over security video and/or any witness statements related to your slip and fall accident.


The most important component of almost every successful slip and fall lawsuit is nailing down negligence. For instance, if your slip and fall accident was caused by an error an employee made, like leaving a freshly mopped floor accessible to customers, your attorney might sue the business for improper safety training or negligence oversight. However, your slip and fall accident might have resulted from the use of an unsafe cleaning solution or a poorly designed building feature. In these cases, your slip and fall attorney might have cause to sue a third-party for causing your slip and fall accident.

Documenting Damages

Another important step to building a successful slip and fall lawsuits is documenting the damages you sustained.


Slip and fall injuries often result in large medical bills. However, they can also result in lost wages, transportation costs, and mental anguish. Your slip and fall attorney can help you assess the extent of the damages that can be linked to your accident that are impacting on a day-to-day basis.


Slip and fall injuries can result in diminished earning potential, higher health care premiums, and a host of chronic conditions. Your slip and fall attorney can consult with a host of professionals to make sure that you're fairly compensated for any damages you're likely to suffer in the immediate or distant future.

For further details, reach out to a local slip and fall attorney.