Some Tricky Situations To Avoid After An Accident

31 August 2020
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After a car accident, it can be tough to deal with everything that seems to be happening at once. Just coping with injuries and a lack of transportation can be enough to handle. Unfortunately, the time right after an accident creates an opportunity for victims to encounter some tricky situations. Read on for some help on getting past the below issues and getting paid the compensation you deserve.

Do You Need Medical Care or Not?

Not all accidents result in enough injuries to seek help. If your injuries were more than just a bump and bruise, you need to see a doctor. For one thing, some types of injuries are slow to show up and may begin to make themselves known in the days following an impact. That might include things like a head injury and muscle or ligament strains. Monitor yourself after a wreck and seek medical care right away if something feels off. The other issue concerns getting compensated for the accident. Unless you seek medical care, you won't be paid for your lost wages, pain, and suffering, and perhaps for any future medical needs (depending on where you live and the other driver's insurance policy).

Should You Get a Lawyer?

It can be difficult to understand the scope of what you are entitled to without legal advice. Unfortunately, some accident victims are afraid of the cost of legal help and they shouldn't be. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis and you owe them nothing upfront or if you don't win any compensation. Having an expert handle the insurance issues and settlement negotiations leave you free to get better from your injuries. The best way to avoid any sticky situation is to put your case in the hands of a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Should You Open Up About the Wreck?

Almost everyone turns to social medial after a traumatic event like a wreck but that is ill-advised. You might say something that could damage any insurance claims and your compensation. Stick to venting in person or on private communication channels about the wreck with close friends and relatives. Nothing on social media is safe from legal action. 

The Other Side Phones You

You may be surprised when you get a phone call from the other driver's insurance company but it's routine to contact accident victims right away. The purpose of the call is to ask you some questions about the accident and your answers are recorded. You may be led to believe that you have no choice in the matter but you do. You can, and should, refuse to cooperate with the caller. Instead, tell your personal injury lawyer about the call.