How A Mechanic Can Play A Role In Your Car Accident Case

2 November 2020
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When there is something wrong with your car and you need to speak with an auto mechanic to fix it, you may assume that your car will be fixed without any problems. Unfortunately, some auto mechanics make mistakes that cause the cars they work on to no longer be safe to drive. However, with the help of an auto accident attorney, you may be able to hold the mechanic liable for your damages.

How to Determine if the Mechanic Is at Fault

A mechanic has a duty of care to perform repairs that would be considered reasonable. Mechanics may miss some car defects, and they may disagree on which part to order, but decisions that deviate substantially from the norm are considered negligence. The breach of duty must have a connection to the injuries you have suffered and the damage done to your car.

If the mechanic has a license, they will have a greater duty to perform repairs properly than if the mechanic does not have a license. However, if the unlicensed mechanic has substantial knowledge about cars, they might be treated the same as a mechanic who is licensed. The key is in whether it should be expected that the mechanic notice obvious problems with the car and fix them.

Duty to Warn

Even if the mechanic is not able to repair your car, they still have the duty to warn you about potential problems that your car might be facing. For example, the mechanic may warn you that your brakes might not stop fast enough during adverse weather conditions. 

Making Your Car Worse

In some cases, a mechanic may even make your car worse by using the wrong part or by breaking something that wasn't previously broken. When your car is defective for any reason, you might find yourself in an accident where you suffer injuries. 

Because your injuries would be the fault of the negligence of the other driver, you will want to seek compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and car repairs. In some cases, there might be other parties responsible for your accident. 

For example, if you collide with another driver, they might be partially at fault for the accident. Therefore, your auto accident attorney may recommend that you seek compensation from both parties. However, this can be beneficial with expensive car accident cases because you won't have to worry as much about policy limits.