How Accident Victims Commonly Complicate Things

3 December 2020
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Stress and injuries can make some people do things they later regret. A car accident is the perfect opportunity, unfortunately, for that to happen. Read on for a list of ways that accident victims err that can impact their personal injury cases in a major way.

Failing to seek medical care

This is not about taking good care of yourself, although medical care is always a good idea. It's really about a failure to mitigate and that is what could lose your case for you if you don't seek medical help and follow all treatment suggestions after an accident.

Not taking action soon enough

All states have a set time limit (the statute of limitations) but that is not the only consideration. The longer you wait to speak to a lawyer, the more likely it is that valuable evidence like eye-witness statements won't be available. Time is of the essence in accident cases.

Speaking with the accident adjuster for the other side

There are two sides to every accident and the at-fault driver's insurer will want to reduce their sides' liability. They do that by engaging victims in a recorded phone call that can create issues with your case. You don't have to talk to them, so don't. It's as simple as that.

Speaking about the accident to everyone and anyone

It's only natural after an accident to seek support, but be very careful who you talk to. For example, if you apologize to the other driver, you could be setting yourself up for taking partial fault for the accident. This can be catastrophic to your case.

Agreeing to accept a check and signing an accident release.

Many victims have no idea what they should be paid and that can make the insurer's offer look better than it really is. Never agree or sign anything, and don't talk to the other side. Talk instead to your own personal injury lawyer.

Letting the other side look at your past medical history.

If you are asked to provide medical records beyond accident-related stuff, that may be a red flag. The other side could be trying to mitigate their costs by implying that your injuries are the result of a past medical condition.

Thinking you don't need a lawyer

This is a common issue that ensures victims are seldom paid what they need and deserve. Speak to a personal injury lawyer about your case and find out how much better things will be for you in the future. A personal injury lawyer can provide additional information