Why Drugged Driving Leads to Hit-And-Run Accidents

23 April 2021
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If you are hit by a drugged driver, not only will the drugs likely contribute to the negligence that leads to the accident in the first place, but drugged drivers are much more likely to carry out a hit-and-run accident because they believe they can get away with it. If you are the victim of this type of accident, you will want to contact a hit-and-run lawyer.

The Effects of Drugged Driving

The driver might be under the influence of a legal drug such as marijuana or under the influence of an illegal drug. Choosing to drive under the influence can lead to a slower reaction time and worse coordination. This can increase the odds of a collision. 

Another problem with the use of certain drugs such as marijuana is that it is more difficult to test a driver for the presence of marijuana. A driver who believes that they will not be tested for the use of marijuana is more likely to use it. However, some drivers might still flee the scene out of fear that they will be charged with being under the influence regardless of whether the drugs are legal or not.

What to Do After the Accident

Fortunately, there are hit-and-run lawyers who can assist you in this type of case. You will not want to pursue the driver because you might place yourself in danger and you may even break the law while in pursuit. Instead, you will want to contact the police. They may be able to track down the driver. Otherwise, you'll want to speak with an attorney about the next steps to take.

The Job of the Hit and Run Attorney

A hit-and-run attorney may be able to find out who is responsible for your accident. They may interview witnesses and might contact people who live nearby. However, you will also want to speak with an attorney about whether you will want to pursue legal action against a hit-and-run driver. Doing so might be futile if the driver turns out to have fled the scene of the accident due to not having insurance that could pay for your damages.

If you are not able to determine who the driver is, you will need to file a claim with your insurance provider. This might not be ideal because you may limit how much you will be compensated, but an attorney can help if the insurance provider denies your claim.