Should You Hire A Lawyer After Colliding With A Truck?

21 May 2021
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Have you collided with a truck on your way to work or while cruising on a road trip? Such accidents are often fatal, so be grateful that you are alive even if you sustained some injuries and your vehicle is damaged. Your life will change because of this ordeal, so it's crucial to manage everything properly, particularly regarding the damages and injuries.

One thing you'll need to do is to pursue a fair settlement for the accident. However, negotiating such a claim can be complicated since trucks have different laws that apply, and most regular vehicle drivers aren't familiar with them. Fortunately, auto accident attorneys can offer the help you need until you get the claim. Here are reasons it's advisable to work with a seasoned auto accident injury attorneys firm.

The Trucking Company's Insurer May Limit Their Accountability

Most commercial truck companies are insured by large insurance companies. While the insurers can offer a large settlement, they often try to limit their obligation by evading the case. Even if the case is clear, they'll try to dispute your claim, mainly if you try to DIY. Opting to work with an auto accident lawyer increases your chances of winning your claim because they understand the law and evasion tricks insurance companies use.

For instance, the insurance company may try to push the responsibility to you by claiming you cut off the truck driver or didn't use a turn signal. Such mistakes automatically reduce the settlement amount, or you might not be compensated at all. In some cases, the insurance company offers a low settlement that cannot cover the treatment of your injuries or other expenses like lost earnings, pain, and future medical costs. So, get an accident lawyer to be represented fully.

The Settlement Negotiations Take Time and Require Skills

If you contact the trucking company and realize they cannot agree to your demands, you'll have to exercise caution on how to negotiate for a settlement. Often, the back-and-forth procedure is tiring and emotionally involving, something you cannot handle when healing. Besides, special skills are required to negotiate with the insurance company as they will try to reduce the settlement amount as much as they can. Having an accident lawyer will ease things as they will negotiate effectively on your behalf because they understand your needs and sufferings.

So, be sure to hire an auto accident attorney in your area after a truck hits your car. The more experienced and knowledgeable your lawyer is, the less stressful the situation will be.