Semi-Truck Accidents: What Are Some Of The Causes Of These Accidents?

22 November 2021
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All truck drivers must undergo extensive training and observe all traffic rules while on the road. Nevertheless, road accidents are inevitable and occur pretty often. 

If you get into an accident with a semi-truck, you need to hire a semi-truck accident lawyer with a good history of success in similar cases to fight for your settlement. The good thing about reputable lawyers is that they only ask for payments at the end of a successful trial. Now, take a look at some of the common causes of semi-truck accidents below.

Errors by Operator and Avoidable Mistakes

Unlike a salon car, driving a truck is an entirely different experience. For instance, you need more time to stop a truck due to the weight of the vehicle. For that reason, a truck driver should be cautious when maneuvering sharp turns and intersections. Besides, it is risky to drive off the road's edge or near construction sites. 

Even what would be considered a fender bender between two small cars is often a different case for a truck due to the truck's weight. So, if a negligent truck driver smashes your car due to an operational mistake, you can file a case against them. 

The Driver Is Tired or Impaired

Truck drivers usually spend long hours driving, and some go beyond the recommended hours. As a result, they get distorted sleep patterns, which affects their focus on the road. Because of that, the driver is at risk of causing a major accident. 

Impairment can also occur when the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If a driver is found guilty of these two crimes, the court will charge and force them to pay for your damages.

Turning a Blind Eye to Bad Weather and Poor Truck Maintenance

Generally, truck drivers should consider the weather before taking on a journey. Besides that, one should drive at the appropriate speed to avoid skidding or jackknifing on the wet road. That's because driving a truck on bad weather conditions, such as a heavy storm, is risky as it reduces the driver's control of the vehicle. Additionally, visiting an auto mechanic shop regularly to check the condition of the systems and get timely repairs is crucial for long-distance truck drivers.

If a truck driver is found guilty of any of the mistakes above, they will be held responsible for your damages and injuries. But you should hire a semi-truck lawyer to help you win the case. Contact a truck accident lawyer to learn more.