How To Get Legal Help With Your SSDI Claim Surprisingly Cheap

9 February 2022
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Those unable to work and needing SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) benefits are usually in a bad situation. If they work, they cannot get SSDI benefits even if the job pays very little. With SSDI claims taking several months to be processed, they must somehow tough it out while they wait. Add to that the confusing nature of filing an SSDI claim, and you get a complex and frustrating mess. Many claimants may be unaware of a special benefit that costs them no out-of-pocket money while it removes the burden of the entire situation from them.

Why Legal Help Is So Important

A lot of SSDI applicants think they can apply and be approved for benefits without using a lawyer. And it's true that some claimants are successful at that, particularly those with terminal illnesses and severe disabilities. However, the Social Security Administration (SSA) doesn't make it easy for claimants. The rules are difficult to understand, many applicants don't understand the medical requirements, and many are ill-prepared to represent themselves at the appeal hearing. Lawyers approved to practice Social Security law walk and talk SSA rules and regulations. They know what the SSA knows, and they understand how to have unfair denials overturned. All that expertise should cost a lot, but it doesn't because of what is known as a contingency fee arrangement.

What Is an SSA Contingency Fee Arrangement?

Lawyers who want to help SSDI applicants with their applications and to help push their approval through at an appeal hearing must first be approved by the SSA and agree to follow the rules. The applicant agrees to provide the lawyer with a certain small percentage of their back pay. Back pay is the amount you would have been receiving each month had you not had to wait so long to be approved. The percentages are regulated and are capped and if they are not successful at getting you benefits, you owe them no money whatsoever.

 Here Are the Facts About SSA-Lawyer Fee Agreements

  •  In no case may fees exceed $6,000.
  • The fees must not be more than 25% of your back pay.
  • You and your lawyer are free to agree on anything under those limits.
  • Once your case is won, you will be paid your back pay minus what you owe to your lawyer.

Don't waste precious time when applying for Social Security Disability benefits. Speak to a lawyer and let them get your claim approved for the benefits you need and have worked so hard for.