Here's What To Do After Getting Into An Accident While On A Bicycle

6 June 2022
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Getting into a bicycle accident is just as nerve-racking and stressful as getting into a vehicle accident. Here are a few things you should do immediately after getting into a bicycle accident. 

Call the Police and Wait for Their Arrival

The very first thing you should do after getting into an accident while riding on a bicycle is to call the police to make a report. Stay calm and stick to the facts. You can let your emotions flow after the initial call is over. Once the police have been called, stay in place until they arrive even if everyone else has decided to flee the scene. This is the only way that you can be sure that your side of the story and recollection will be properly documented in case you have to go to court later.

Talk to the Other Party and Get Identifying Information

After calling the police and regaining your composure, engage with the other party to get their identifying information. Try to refrain from being accusatory or offensive because these actions may encourage the other party to flee the scene. Simply ask for their name and contact information, and insurance information if they are driving a vehicle.

Allow them the space they need to gather their wits because the accident is likely stressful for everyone involved. If the other party is offensive to you and refuses to give you information, don't engage and try to get their license plate number or other identifying information yourself so that it can be presented to the police when they show up.

Start Taking Photos of the Damage and Injuries Incurred

Once you have contacted the police and communicated with the other party, try to take photos of all the damage and injuries that have been incurred. Snap photos of landmarks and other telling evidence that can help to prove your case whether you're the person responsible for the accident or not. Smartphone photos should be satisfactory and easy to transfer to the police.

Get in Touch with a Bicycle Accident Attorney

After dealing with the police, talking to the other party, getting photos, and gathering your wits, it is important to consider contacting a bicycle accident attorney. They will help ensure that you have all the evidence you need to prove your case, whether defending yourself or trying to get compensation for your pain and injuries. They will also help ensure that you are not taken advantage of by insurance companies, the other party, or the legal system in general. 

Contact a local bicycle accident lawyer for more information.