Why You’re Entitled To Compensation From A Forklift Company For A Forklift Accident

7 April 2022
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When you are injured at work, you will usually be compensated for your injuries through a workers compensation insurance policy. However, if you are injured by a piece of equipment that was defective, such as a forklift, you might also be entitled to compensation from the company that designed the forklift. Types of Forklift Accidents While operating a forklift, you might become injured if the equipment tilts over. For example, if your forklift tilts over and a seatbelt you are wearing tears, you might fall out of the forklift when it tilts over and you might become injured. Read More 

How To Get Legal Help With Your SSDI Claim Surprisingly Cheap

9 February 2022
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Those unable to work and needing SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) benefits are usually in a bad situation. If they work, they cannot get SSDI benefits even if the job pays very little. With SSDI claims taking several months to be processed, they must somehow tough it out while they wait. Add to that the confusing nature of filing an SSDI claim, and you get a complex and frustrating mess. Many claimants may be unaware of a special benefit that costs them no out-of-pocket money while it removes the burden of the entire situation from them. Read More